Our History and Our Mission


“Eli”, simply translated, is the Aramaic word for God, so Eli Home is God’s Home. It comes from the bible verse Matthew 27:46, when Jesus cries out on the cross, “Eli, Eli, why hast thou forsaken me?” We feel it is the cry of many children who suffer abuse.

The Eli Home started in 1983 as a home bible study group in Mike and Lorri Galloway's living room. This was the beginning of a passion that would drive a lifetime. Soon family, friends and volunteer professionals shared the dream and the first shelter for abused children and their mothers opened 18 months later.

Today the Eli Home is a multi-faceted faith based organization with 3 shelter facilities, a 13,000 square foot store social enterprise, a place-based initiative called ESCRI, corporate offices, professional counseling and therapy staff, organizational staff, dedicated volunteers, board members and a history of awards and accolades that include citations from U.S. Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton.


To welcome, shelter, comfort, heal, encourage and strengthen victims of child abuse and neglect, and to prepare them to reenter the community to lead stable, non-violent lives, free from fear and intimidation To Break the Cycle of Child Abuse.

I was desperate and feared for my life. I called so many shelters, but they were all full. Thank God, that The Eli Home took me and my baby. Since then, Ive never looked back. I look ahead to new hopes, new dreams, and new life.
- Deborah, former resident