Success Stories

A Letter from Sonia

Thank you Eli,

 My gratitude to the Eli Home, is far beyond any words that can be expressed.  Yet I will try.
 At a time in my life, when fear ruled every thought in my mind, it was you, Eli, that comforted me.
 It is you, Eli, that listened when everything seemed too overwhelming.
 It is you, Eli, that held me as I cried when no body else was there.
 It is you, Eli, that raised my head up high and told me I was worthy.
 It is you, Eli, that showed me dignity is never more than just a prayer away.
 I now walk with my head held high, not ashamed, or in fear; but with dignity, self-esteem, and self-respect and just one day at a time.

 Lorri, Kim, Katie, Tina, Joanie, Cindy, Jane, Ghislaine, John, Rita, Tiffany, Jessica, Benigna, Heather and even little Kim and Athina.  Not to mention all those who work in the background to make Eli happen.  You are Eli!

-- Sonia

Latrell's Story

Latrell and her daughter Marlene recently graduated from The Eli Home’s Transitional Shelter Program.  They have moved to Northern California to be closer to their family.  Latrell’s hard work and dedication to the parenting classes, budgeting, and other life skills courses as well as counseling sessions has prepared her to re-enter the community with the proper skills to support her and her daughter and keep them in a violent-free environment.  Latrell has also worked hard to achieve her certificate as an Administrative Assistance.  Latrell and Marlene will be missed, but we are confident she will succeed in life and come back to visit soon.

"I would like to thank the Eli Home for giving me a future filled with hope.  The programming has helped me so much.  It has given me confidence and insight.  Although I may have done too much complaining, I am ever so grateful for the guidance given to me for the duration of my stay.  This whole domestic violence experience has actually been the best thing (besides the birth of my daughter) to ever happen to me.  This program is a difficult program but it is what it is.  What you want to make out of it is exactly what you will get.  Just like with the Lord, seek and you will find.  It’s funny how things unfold; I remember looking at transitional housing options and I just knew that the Eli Home was for me.  I waited for an opening because I wanted the strictness, I wanted the heavy programming and I wanted the faith based aspect above all.  My number one priority was to draw close to the Lord."- Latrell

Victoria's Story

Victoria was pregnant and looking for shelter for her and her 2 sons, Nick-13 years old and Alex-18 months.  She contacted the Eli Home in October of 2008 seeking refuge from an abusive situation.  Victoria was pregnant and needed the financial support of her spouse, but knew she had to flee for the protection of her 2 boys.  The Eli Home took in the family and they immediately began their road to recovery.  Victoria, Nick and Alex completed classes on self esteem, anger management and personal safety.  Nick adjusted well and improved greatly academically and Alex reached his developmental milestones. 

Victoria gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in late February of 2009.  Her greatest achievement was being able to bring her baby home into a safe and warm environment.  Nick and Alex cherish their new baby sister and are learning to love and grow as a family in a non-abusive atmosphere. 

Gloria’s Story

Gloria and her four daughters came to the Eli Home in January of 2007. Gloria was renting a room in a home owned by a couple, that soon turned against her family. After learning that one of the landlords was abusing her girls, she knew she had to leave. Gloria found refuge and safety at the Eli Home.

For the first month, Gloria focused on her relationship with each one of her daughters and her ability to be the best mom possible. After completing the 45-Day Emergency Program, Gloria moved into the Eli Home’s Transitional Shelter Program and participated in STEP classes and other life skills courses. She enrolled her children back into school and child care and became one of the more popular volunteers at the Eli Home’s Un-Thrift Store’s Vocational Training Program. She demonstrated a strong work ethic and developed excellent customer service skills.

At the completion of her training, she quickly found a job at a local child care facility. She had applied for housing assistance before entering the Eli Home. Along with her Case Manager and other Eli staff she completed the process and received her housing voucher within 10 months of her stay. With the support of Eli staff, Gloria diligently looked for permanent housing for her family. She was successful, and now Gloria and her girls live in their own 3 bedroom apartment.

Gloria continues to work at the child care facility and participates in Eli’s 6-month After Care Program, in counseling and case management. Eli Home staff looks forward to frequent visits and updates from Gloria and the kids. Gloria’s commitments to her family and diligence have given her and her daughters a new life of safety and love.